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As per this scheme a Member Account can have "virtual money" balance. The money in the card can be increased only by following methods:-

  • Deposit of Money (Cash or Cheque) in Sarit Centre office participating in the Loyalty Scheme.
  • Redemption of Loyalty Points awarded during shopping into Money.

Where Sarit E-Purse can be Used?

This Money in E-Purse can be used for purchases at any of the outlets within or outside the Sarit mall that are part of the Sarit AM card Loyalty & Epurse scheme what are called Member establishments (Merchants)

Features of Sarit E-Purse

  • Maximum balance in the E-Purse which a member can have at any give time is 100000 Kshs for standard and privileged members.
  • The E-Purse can be loaded in multiples of Kshs 100 only.
  • No refunds are allowed against money equivalent held in the E-Purse and it can only be used for shopping within the Sarit Centre or establishments associated to Sarit outside the mall.
  • The E-Purse can be loaded at The Sarit Centre management office.
  • E-Purse is available for both Standard as will as Privileged members.
  • For loading money in E-Purse, there is no need of PIN verification.