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About Us

Sarit centre is a prestigious Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya It has approximately 72 establishments located in the premises and has a large exhibition area too. Amity Software, Inc. and Sarit Centre have started a new scheme for the shoppers of Sarit Shopping Mall . The following purposes are catered to by the new scheme:-

  • Loyalty
  • E-Purse

Loyalty & E-Purse scheme

Any shopper can become a “member” of the scheme by fulfilling the requirements specified in the membership eligibility section. Once a member, he/she is issued a Sarit Loyalty card and is entitled to earn Loyalty Points on the value of purchases made from the participating merchants. These points can be redeemed into value, as per pre-defined rules, to be used for further spend at the merchant outlets. A member also carries an Electronic Purse (E-Purse) on his card. He/she can load money in his/her E-Purse for spending at the participating merchants. This E-Purse balance is non-refundable and usable at participating merchant outlets only.

Sarit Value Card

There are two types of Member cards:

  • Standard card
  • Privileged card

Each Member will get a Main Member card and an extra Addon Card.So you and your family can share the same Loyalty and e-Purse Account.

For more information on The Sarit Centre VALUE CARD, please call us on +254 3747408/9