Loyalty Points

Every member of Sarit centre, who holds either a "Standard card or Privileged card", will be entitled to participate in loyalty scheme to be run by Sarit centre.

Types of Loyalty points

Loyalty Point earned against Purchases

Loyalty Point is the reward to the member, against purchase at Merchant outlets. Usually one Loyalty Point is awarded against purchase of every Kshs 100 (inclusive of VAT).

Additional Loyalty Point

Additional Loyalty Point is the ADDITIONAL reward to the member for payment by the member to the Merchant, through "Sarit E-Purse" (instead of Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash, or any other means), against his purchases. Usually one Loyalty Point is awarded against payment of every Kshs 100 (inclusive of VAT) through Sarit E-Purse.

Bonus Loyalty Point

The card has a special microchip that automatically records the value of your purchases and then gives you rewards. The card also has a unique Cash-in-Card feature that allows you to top it up with cash value of up to Kshs 100,000/-. That means you don’t have to carry cash every time you go shopping! If you wish to gift your friends, you can also top up cash on their card.